Help to Inform the CBO's Strategic Plan: Surveys Available for Community Organizations & Local Governments

Earlier this year, Governor Polis and state lawmakers charged the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) with crafting a strategic plan to speed up the fair, reliable, and user-friendly delivery of digital and broadband services to residents, businesses, and other state customers. 

Governor Polis Signs Executive Order restating and amending the Executive Order on Accelerating Broadband Deployment in Colorado

On June 2, Governor Polis signed an Executive Order restating and amending the Executive Order on Accelerating Broadband Deployment in Colorado, creating a single streamlined directive concerning broadband access in Colorado.

Broadband Deployment Board's New Dates for Grant Cycles Now Available

The Broadband Fund would like to announce the new dates for the Winter and Summer 2022 Grant Cycles. Due to additional delays in the Winter 2022 Grant Cycle, the Summer 2022 Grant Cycle dates have been pushed back.

The Summer 2022 Grant Cycle Introduction Webinar will take place on July 5, and applications are now due Friday, Sept. 2, 2022

Further updates will be announced on our website, under the “Recent Notices” section.


Broadband Deployment Board Application Review Meetings Postponed

Unfortunately, the Broadband Deployment Board's application review meetings scheduled for June 1 and June 2 will be postponed due to board member availability. Once future dates are determined, the Broadband Fund staff will publish them and build out a revised timeline for both the Winter 2022 Grant Cycle and for the upcoming Summer 2022 Grant Cycle. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE: Broadband Deployment Board Designates Six Counties for Proposals for Designated Critically Unserved Areas

At the May 4 Board meeting, the Broadband Deployment Board (BDB) reviewed public comments on the previously identified geographic regions to be included in the RFP process, as required by HB21-1109. The BDB decided to include the following geographic areas in the Request for Proposal (RFP):

Capital Projects Fund (CPF) Working Groups- Planning Maps

The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) has created county level maps to support the deployment of the Capital Projects Funds in Colorado. These maps represent the most accurate information currently available to the CBO, including broadband coverage, infrastructure, community anchor institutions (CAIs), Broadband Fund awards, and a selection of federal funding information for each county. Please note that there are two maps to represent each county: one shows CAIs and Funding, and the other shows Infrastructure and Advertised Service. 

Public Comments Posted for the Broadband Deployment Board's RFP for Critically Unserved Areas

On April 4, the Broadband Deployment Board (BDB) opened a two-week public comment period on proposed suggestions for counties that contained Critically Unserved Areas. The public comment period closed on Monday, April 18 at 11:59 p.m. MDT. 

A summary of the comments can be found below. The BDB will review these comments and hold a discussion regarding the previously identified critically unserved areas at the next BDB meeting on May 4 and 5.