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We support Internet Service Providers' efforts to expand and improve broadband through infrastructure investment and public-private partnerships.


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Carrier Neutral Locations 

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) has partially-funded multiple Carrier Neutral Locations (CNLs) across the state to facilitate broadband deployment. The list provided identifies the status (complete, in progress, and future site) of these CNLs. Please email us for additional information.


Submit broadband data 

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that participate or intend to participate in any State of Colorado Broadband grants programs (this includes Broadband Deployment Board, OIT Digital Inclusion Funding, DOLA Interconnectivity Program, CDE Connecting Students Grant Funds and anyone who wishes to file an appeal, or right of first refusal) are required to submit data for inclusion in the Colorado Broadband Map. All other internet service providers are asked to voluntarily participate in order to increase the accuracy of our maps.

Granular coverage data submitted pursuant to subsection (9)(m) of 24-37.5-119 is not a public record and is not subject to public disclosure under the Colorado Open Records Act (C.R.S. §24-72-200.1, et seq.).

Find broadband data

Our data is used by decision-makers to determine served and unserved areas for grant funding. Our data is available for download to assist you in preparing funding applications for state or federal programs. 

Visit our Broadband Mapping Hub to explore broadband maps and data to identify served and unserved areas, and gaps and opportunities in your community.