BDB: Minimum Requirements Decisions

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As of September 13, the Broadband Deployment Board (BDB) completed its review and issued Minimum Requirement Decisions for all of the applications for the Summer 2023 Grant Cycle. You can find all of the funding eligibility decisions on our website.

According to Board policy, there are seven days to submit an appeal, and another seven days to submit a response to that appeal.

Appellants must use the BDB Appeal Form and submit their appeal as an attachment to Board staff at by Thursday, Sept. 21. 

Responses to Appeals
The Board allows Interested Parties of a given appeal to file a response to that appeal. As the Board Appeal Policy states:

  • A response must take the form of a written letter. In the letter, the Board strongly encourages Interested Parties to address each basis of appeal contained in the Appeal Form submitted by the Appellant in short and plain statements.
  • Responses must be submitted no later than seven (7) days after the date of the Appeal Submission (for example: if an Appellant emails its Appeal Form in accordance with all submission requirements on January 1st, the Interested Party must submit its response via email on or by January 8th).
  • Submission Requirements: Responses must be emailed as attachments to Board staff at:

Any responses to an appeal must be submitted by Thursday, Sept. 28. 

Appeals Timeline

  • The deadline to submit Appeals is Wednesday, Sept. 21.
  • Any responses to appeals are due by Thursday, Sept. 28. All participants in the appeals process, including appellants and responders, must submit all presentation materials by this date as well.
  • The BDB will host an Appeals/Award Criteria Review Meeting Tuesday, Oct 3.
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