Upcoming Engagement Opportunities with CBO

The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) would like to announce new opportunities to engage with us on the development of our broadband expansion plan and deployment of funds through our Advance Colorado Broadband grant program. The best strategy to address Colorado's areas in need of broadband is to work together. Therefore, we are establishing a regular cadence of communication with our partners. 

Broadband Deployment Board Posts Funding Decisions for Winter 2022 Grant Cycle and Cancels Summer 2022 Grant Cycle

Winter 2022 Grant Cycle Funding Decisions
On Thursday, August 25, the Broadband Deployment Board (BDB) completed its application review for the Winter 2022 Grant Cycle. BDB decisions regarding applicant's ability to meet the Minimum Requirements for both the High-Cost Support Mechanism Funding and American Rescue Plan Act Stimulus Fund were posted on our website earlier today

ISPs Must Submit Broadband Data by September 1 In Order to Receive BEAD Funding

As part of the Internet for All initiative, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is responsible for awarding the $48 billion Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program, which will grant each state $100 million and allocate the remaining money based on number of unserved households. NTIA will rely on the data being collected as part of the FCC’s Broadband Data Collection (BDC) to identify these unserved locations. The FCC’s new Broadband Map will be used to help states fund projects that achieve universal high-speed internet access.

Broadband Data Collection Webinar: Slides and Recording Now Available

On July 13, the CBO Data Team hosted the first webinar in our Broadband Data & Mapping Webinar series, focused on Broadband Data Collection. We walked through our process to collect broadband availability data from ISPs, including:

  • The data collection timeline,
  • How ISPs can prepare and submit data,
  • How the CBO processes data, and
  • How and when the data is published

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