Broadband Deployment Board Update

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Summer 2023 Grant Cycle Awards
Final decisions regarding Summer 2023 Grant Awards were made by the Broadband Deployment Board at the October 3, 2023 meeting. The Final Awards are also listed below: 

  • Visionary Broadband, Redstone FTTX, $1,244,181.22
  • Clear Creek Broadband, Moss Rock, $155,169.09
  • Clear Creek Broadband, Hwy 40 Soda Creek (Amended), $99,137.84
  • Agate Networks, Rural Agate FTTH, $213,466.95
  • Vero Broadband, McKay Lake, $1,596,065.56
  • Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company, Dry Creek Basin, $262,692.00
  • Arbor Mesh, Williams Fork Deployment Project (Amended), $180,598.06
  • Conexon, Geesen Substation FTTH (Amended), $2,028,733.74

Please note final amounts are subject to final review.

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