Broadband Fund: 2024 Grant Cycle

The Broadband Deployment Board (BDB) typically runs two cycles per year; however, due to the nature of the sunset in September 2024 the BDB is not going to complete two full cycles before its expiration on September 30, 2024.

To compensate for not having two full cycles, staff is proposing one final cycle to take place with two reviews to ensure all remaining funds, including the High Cost Support Mechanism deposit scheduled for July, are awarded. A few key points:

Become a Broadband Ready Certified Community!

A Broadband Ready Certified Community is a Colorado community that has taken steps to encourage broadband infrastructure deployment to connect its residents. Steps can include creating a broadband task force, surveying community members, involving schools, businesses and other community anchor institutions, creating budgets and timelines, reviewing local policies and speaking with providers.