About the Colorado Broadband Office

What We Do

The Colorado Broadband Office leads the statewide effort to expand broadband coverage and quality for all Coloradans. Access to affordable and reliable broadband service is critical to advancing Colorado’s economic growth and competitiveness. High-speed broadband creates new jobs and attracts new industries, expands markets for new and existing businesses, enables better access to educational opportunities and resources, facilitates the delivery of healthcare services, and supports public safety. Broader deployment of broadband infrastructure and services will improve the quality of life for Coloradans while supporting the state’s global economic competitiveness.


In 2012, Executive Order D 2012 037 charged the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT) with overseeing and coordinating broadband activity across state agencies. The Colorado Broadband Office was formed within OIT in 2016 to support this responsibility. In 2020, Executive Order B 2020 009 superseded and replaced Executive Order D 2012 037 and restated the broadband responsibilities in OIT. And in 2021, HB21-1289 codified the Colorado Broadband Office in OIT.


We are committed to enabling the development of a statewide digital communications infrastructure through public-private partnerships to meet the growing demand for broadband access in the key sectors of public safety, education, health care, transportation and for all Coloradans.


Coloradans should have equal access to affordable, fast, and reliable broadband service.

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