Advance Colorado Consult Group

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We are establishing an Advance Colorado Consult Group to solicit input from key stakeholders on Advance Colorado Broadband grant programs. Our ideal advisory group comprises of industry associations, local governments, Tribal territories, other State agencies, NTIA, broadband consumers and other key stakeholders. CBO will accept nominations until July 1, 2023. 


The CBO may seek input from the Advance Colorado Consult Group on a wide variety of issues related to the CBO’s administration of federal broadband grant programs, including, for example, structuring various grant programs, program guidelines, the application process, application forms, grant criteria, eligibility of applicants, eligibility of locations, scoring and approval methods, review of approved grant application cohorts, how to target high-cost and critically unserved areas, matching requirements and waivers, appeals process, digital equity programs, map challenges, award challenges, overbuild and incumbent issues, the interplay between various broadband grant programs, etc. Participants are also encouraged to raise any other matters related to the Advance Colorado Broadband grant programs to the attention of the group and CBO. The Advance Colorado Consult Group's input to the CBO is advisory only.


Advance Colorado Consult Group meetings will be open to the public. Meetings will be recorded and available on our website, with public comments included. Advance Colorado Consult Group meetings are not confidential. It is anticipated that meetings will be held quarterly. There is potential that meetings will be held to coincide with critical decisions (e.g., the introduction of new grant programs) or events (e.g., Colorado Broadband Summit). Most meetings will be online meetings. More information about Advance Consult Group meetings is available on the nomination form.


To self-nominate or nominate individuals to the Advance Colorado Consult Group, please fill out the nomination form and provide a cover letter to including including background, experience and interest in participating. 

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