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We work with the Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI) to support broadband connectivity for healthcare organizations.


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Federal Funding Support and Advocacy

We track a number of programs that provide funding for health care connectivity, such as the Rural Health Care Connect Fund and the COVID-19 Telehealth Program. We can help you identify which funding programs meet your needs and help you understand and navigate those programs. We can also help you leverage funding by partnering with other community organizations like schools, libraries, and local governments, as well as facilitate relationships with ISP.

Contact us if you have questions about the funding programs listed below.

Find broadband data

Visit our Broadband Mapping Hub to explore broadband maps and data to identify gaps and opportunities in your community. You can use this data to help you support patients by helping direct resources and services based on broadband availability and digital literacy skills.

Learn about Broadband and Health Care

Broadband is essential for accessing and delivering healthcare. A thorough understanding of broadband is important in order to support both health care providers and their patients.

Visit our Learning Center to:

  • Learn how broadband enables access to healthcare 
  • Learn how digital literacy affects healthcare
  • Help your patients access broadband services

Visit Colorado’s COVID-19 Telehealth for providers webpage for resources and other information.