Broadband Fund


About the Broadband Fund

The Broadband Deployment Board, established by the Colorado General Assembly in 2014, provides grants through the Broadband Fund to deploy broadband service in unserved areas of the state.

Due to the impending Sunset Review scheduled for September 1, 2024, the Broadband  Deployment Board will only host one grant cycle this year; see the general steps below from submission to award

  • Step 1: Submit Application: Application deadlines can vary, but generally are set for January 15 and July 15 of each year.
  • Step 2: Applications Open for Public Comment: Applications are posted on the Board's webpage, triggering a 45-day public comment period.
  • Step 3: Public Board Meeting: The Board meets to review applications and make initial funding decisions
  • Step 4: Appeals and Right of First Refusals (ROFR): The Board reviews appeals and RoFRs.
  • Step 5: Grants Awarded: After review of appeals, RoFR, and available funding, final funding decisions are made and grants are awarded

Who can apply?

For state funding (Colorado High-Cost Support Mechanism), for-profit entities are eligible to apply, as well as nonprofit telephone cooperatives or nonprofit rural electric associations that existed on May 10, 2014. Other sources of funding, such as federal funding, may have different criteria.

Applicants and appellants are required to submit granular mapping data to the Colorado Broadband Office (CBO). Learn about the CBO Broadband Data Collection.

Review the Minimum Requirements and Grant Award Criteria found here, and in the Board's Award Policy, to ensure the project meets eligibility criteria.


How does the funding process work?

Please see the Application Workflow Diagram here.

Grant Award Contracts

All grant award recipients must complete and sign a Grant Agreement in order to receive funds. Prospective applicants may request a copy of OIT's Grant Agreement template to learn more about their obligations and the agreement conditions in the  event of an award.


Do you have more questions?

You can reach out to the Broadband Fund staff at oit_broadbanddeploymentboard@state.co.us. Please be aware that staff have specific responsibilities and authority, and that communication with staff does not relieve you of needing to adhere to the Board policies.

Public Comment, Response & RoFR Deadline