How to Submit Data


Who Submits Data?

All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are encouraged to submit data in the Colorado Broadband Data Collection. ISPs that participate or intend to participate in any State of Colorado broadband grant programs are required to submit data. Please fill out the Point of Contact form if you would like to be included in our annual data collection outreach: 

Point of Contact Update Form



Data collection occurs once per year. Data as of December 31 is due the following spring. We will communicate instructions and deadlines ahead of the data collection. 

2024 Data Collection:
We will begin confirming FCC BDC filing of data depicting broadband service availability as of December 31, 2023 in April of 2024.

What to submit?


Broadband Availability Data 

Confirmation of FCC BDC submission showing data current as of 12/31/2023 was due April 4, 2024.

CBO requested that ISPs fill out the 2024 Colorado Broadband Data Collection form to provide confirmation of their FCC Broadband Data Collection (BDC) filing depicting broadband service availability as of December 31, 2023. To fill out the form, we asked providers to supply their BDC Provider ID, a brief description of the data submitted to FCC, and proof of submission. Acceptable proof of BDC filing included a screenshot of their “Biannual Submissions Dashboard” in the FCC BDC System showing FRN and the Filing status of the December 31, 2023 submission. 

Instructions to access BDC Submissions Dashboard:

  1. Go to https://bdc.fcc.gov/
  2. Select the name of the entity for which you want to submit / view data.
  3. Take a screenshot of the Submissions Dashboard. Screenshot must include:
    1. FRN
    2. Filing status for “Data As-Of Date” of December 31, 2023.
      You may redact any other sensitive information from the screenshot. 

Additional Broadband Availability Data 

In addition to availability data for Broadband Serviceable Locations (BSLs), we requested that ISPs submit availability data for the following:

  • Non-BSLs: Locations that are not considered BSLs, such as community anchor institutions and enterprise locations.
  • Locations missing from the Fabric: Any location that is not in the Fabric that is a broadband serviceable location.

Pricing Information

Pricing of Fixed Residential Broadband Service. We requested that ISPs use this template to submit pricing data for broadband services offered.




Visit the FCC BDC Help Center for videos and articles about data creation and formatting

Contact us if you have questions: oit_BroadbandData@state.co.us

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