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Letter of Intent Learnings and Best Practices Webinar: Slides & Recording Now Available

On September 14 & 15, the CBO hosted webinars to discuss learnings and best practices surrounding the 87 Letters Of Intent (LOIs) our team received for broadband projects across the state. Presentation slides and recording can be found below. Learn more about LOIs and the Advance Colorado Broadband Grant Program on our website.

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Advance Colorado Broadband Letter of Intent Webinars Recordings & Slides Available

The Colorado Broadband Office hosted two webinars to review the letter of intent (LOI) to apply for broadband grants. The CBO answered questions on this first step in deploying funds from federal broadband programs.

Recordings and Slides are available below:

June 17, 2022 Recording

June 21, 2022 Recording 

Presentation Slides

Capital Projects Fund (CPF) Working Groups- Planning Maps

The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) has created county level maps to support the deployment of the Capital Projects Funds in Colorado. These maps represent the most accurate information currently available to the CBO, including broadband coverage, infrastructure, community anchor institutions (CAIs), Broadband Fund awards, and a selection of federal funding information for each county. Please note that there are two maps to represent each county: one shows CAIs and Funding, and the other shows Infrastructure and Advertised Service.