How to Submit Data

We collect granular coverage data representing broadband service availability. This includes locations in which the provider has a current broadband connection or could provide such a connection within ten business days of a request, without an extraordinary commitment of resources and without construction charges or fees exceeding an ordinary service activation fee. We are working to align our data collection with the FCC Rulemaking from January 2021.

Step 1: Verify your company’s POC

Contact us if you would like to be added as a point of contact (POC) for your company or if you want to verify that we have the correct POC in our database. 

Want to be included? Email us at to be added as a POC for your company.

Step 2: Prepare your data submission

Your data submission will consist of two sets of information: (1) Coverage area and (2) Attribution.

1. Coverage Area

Coverage area can be represented by either a service coverage polygon or a list of serviceable locations. 

Service Coverage Polygon

Service Coverage Polygon: footprint of the provider’s current serviceable area with proper attribution. For fixed wireless service, this can be represented by a propagated coverage model. Each technology and speed option should be represented by a separate polygon.

Acceptable formats:

  • GIS shapefile
  • KML/KMZ Google Earth file

Serviceable Locations*

*Not recommended for wireless services

Serviceable Locations: a list of coordinates or addresses that constitute the service area of the provider.

Acceptable formats:

  • Shapefile representing point data with proper attribution for each point.
  • Tabular list of latitude/longitude coordinates or addresses with proper attribution for each location. Please use this template to submit coordinate or address data.  Note: Coordinates are preferable for accuracy. If you are able to provide coordinates for each location, please do so in order to ensure location accuracy. Address lists that are submitted will be geocoded as accurately as possible.

2. Attribution

Each polygon or location must contain the following attribution. Each technology and speed option should be represented by a separate polygon or points.

  1. Provider Name
  2. Provider DBA Name
  3. FCC Registration Number (FRN)
  4. Technology used to provide the service (use the FCC Technology of Transmission Codes)
  5. Residential/Business Differentiation: "Residential-only", "business-only", or "residential-and-business". 
  6. Maximum available download speed (in Mbps) 
  7. Maximum available upload speed (in Mbps) 

Step 3: Submit your data

Data can be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be published to our map during our biannual data updates. We will reach out to the POC on file at the beginning of each data cycle to request the data submission and provide deadlines for the current data cycle. Please ensure your data is submitted by the published deadline in order to be included in the biannual data update.

To submit data, send an email to with the prepared data submission attached and include any supporting information.

Submit Data

If the data files are too large to send by email, please contact at to discuss other data transfer options.