Governor Polis Signs HB22-1306

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On June 2, Governor Polis signed HB22-1306, which “updates the requirements for awarding grant money pursuant to the act to require that applications comply with finalized federal regulations regarding use of money under the [American Rescue Plan Act of 2021]”.

The Bill:

  • Reduces the notice and comment period for an interested party to review and comment on a grant application from 60 days to 45 days;
  • Exempts a grantee from the requirement to complete an approved project in 2 years or less if the grantee demonstrates to the board that the project is delayed due to a relevant disruption in the supply chain;
  • Requires the board to apply the updated requirements to previously denied applications that sought grant awards under the act; and
  • Establishes a process and remedies for appeals of a board decision regarding a grant application.
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