Broadband Deployment Board Weekly Update: Nov. 29

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Conclusion of the Winter 2022 Grant Cycle

The BDB would like to thank everyone who participated in the Winter 2022 Grant Cycle. The final Board decision was published today and can be found on the Grant Awards page of our website, in the Winter 2022 Appeals Box. 


Schedule of Upcoming BDB Meetings

Staff and Counsel are in the process of incorporating suggestions resulting from stakeholder and subcommittee meetings into working documents. Join us at our next BDB Meeting as we review these policy and guidance documents.

DRAFT versions of the Guidance Document, BDB policy and recommendations for consideration can be found in this folder and are also published to our website. At this time, please email BDB Staff at either or to add any additional suggestions to these documents.

Updated on Nov. 18


The schedule of the year’s remaining BDB events can be found below. All meetings will be recorded. Please visit our website for more information. 

Date & Time

Event or Milestone

Dec. 1, 9:30  a.m.

BDB Meeting: Discuss recommendations, review and approve changes. Meeting Information

Dec. 9, 10:00 a.m.

Webinar hosted by Staff to review updates to the Winter 2023 Grant Cycle

By Dec. 16, COB

Final Guidance Documentation, BDB policies and process changes published.

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