Broadband Deployment Board Update: Dec. 9

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New Board Policies, Forms, and Guidance Document

Versions of the Guidance Document, BDB policies and relevant forms for use can be found on our website.

Updated on December 8:

Guidance Document
RoFR Policy
RoFR Form
Conflict of Interest Policy
Appeal Policy
Appeal Form
Award Policy
BDB Response Objection Form
Application Workflow Diagram

The schedule of the year’s remaining BDB events can be found below. All meetings will be recorded. 


Date & Time Event or Milestone
Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. Webinar hosted by Staff to review updates to the Winter 2023 Grant Cycle
By Dec. 9, COB Final Guidance Documentation, BDB policies and process changes published.


Happy Holidays from the Broadband Deployment Board and CBO!


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