Broadband Deployment Board Posts Funding Decisions for Winter 2022 Grant Cycle and Cancels Summer 2022 Grant Cycle

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Winter 2022 Grant Cycle Funding Decisions
On Thursday, August 25, the Broadband Deployment Board (BDB) completed its application review for the Winter 2022 Grant Cycle. BDB decisions regarding applicant's ability to meet the Minimum Requirements for both the High-Cost Support Mechanism Funding and American Rescue Plan Act Stimulus Fund were posted on our website earlier today

The Appeal and Right of First Refusal submission deadline is Monday, September 5. If you are considering submitting an appeal or a Right of First Refusal Plan, please review the BDB policies:

Appeal Policy

Summer 2022 Grant Cycle Cancellation
Additionally, on Thursday, August 25, the BDB approved the cancellation of the Summer 2022 Grant Cycle. A statement from the BDB can be found below: 

“The Board endeavors to deliver grant funding as quickly as possible while adhering to complex legal requirements.  The recent changes in State law and federal regulations has created delay.  With the influx in grant funding and grant awards, the Board believes it prudent to cancel the upcoming summer 2022 Grant Cycle.  Funding carries over from cycle-to-cycle, so this decision does not impact funding availability.  The Board believes this will allow staff, the Board, and the public to reconvene to assess Board processes, deliberate issues, and prepare for a better upcoming cycle.  With the next cycle already commencing in January, the Board notes that the cancellation will only result in a brief delay before grant awards will recommence.”

We will host public stakeholder meetings, BDB meetings, and webinars to discuss and implement any potential changes to the grant cycle process. 

Applications for the Winter 2023 Grant Cycle will be due Sunday, January 15, 2023 (subject to change).

Please reach out to us at  if you have any questions.

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