Subcommittee on Digital Literacy and Inclusion


The Broadband Advisory Board, in its effort to collaborate and coordinate broadband efforts to create more access to high-speed internet, has partnered with the Office of the Future of Work (OFOW) in the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to build digital literacy and inclusion. 

The Subcommittee on Digital Literacy and Inclusion (SDLI) was created to discuss, research, analyze, and draw conclusions concerning digital literacy and inclusion and to provide regular updates to the Broadband Advisory Board concerning such discussions. The key responsibilities of the SDLI include:

  • Coordinating and convening state level efforts to raise awareness of and address digital inequity
  • Educating policymakers, local governments, and stakeholders on the importance of digital equity, common terms and definitions, themes, best practices, and available resources. 
  • Developing policy supportive of digital equity
  • Strengthening and supporting local digital equity ecosystems
  • Guiding data, research, and best practices

The SDLI meets bimonthly with working group meetings taking place in the alternating months. Updates from the SDLI will be provided at the monthly Broadband Advisory Board meetings, and initial recommendations from the SDLI will be submitted to the Broadband Advisory Board by December 2021, at which time working groups will be assessed for their utility moving forward.

To learn more and get involved, please complete this form or reach out to katherine.keegan@state.co.us.

Working Groups



Identify and/or design state and federal policy solutions for increasing digital equity at the individual, systems, local and state level. 


Develop baseline of digital literacy and inclusion levels across Colorado communities and populations to inform 2022/2023 digital inclusion development goals for the state. 

Promising Practices

Promising Practices: Research and identify promising practices to amplify, scale, or adapt to Colorado as part of the SDLI’s efforts. Promising practices should consider each component of digital equity and the individual and systems level.



SDLI Meeting Notes and Recordings

4/27/21: Launch of SDLI - Slides and information (recording not available)

5/25/21: Working Groups - Slides and Recordings

6/22/21: SDLI Meeting - Slides and Recording